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DAISIE VIP - Membership

Part Number: DAISIE_VIP
Price: $199.00 $34.99
Status: Available

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DAISIE VIP Membership - 12 Month Subscription 

Become one of DAISIE Company´s VIP Members!  

You will gain exclusive access to bonuses, perks, discounts and coupons!  

VIP Members save more than four hundred dollars in store purchases over the course of one year!

Buying the membership now at $34.99 is 82.5% off the twelve month subscription price.  This is a savings of $165!

Exclusive access to savings on DAISIE VIP Products, unlimited freebies including the freebies to come, monthly coupons and monthly category discounts, gain automatic entry into prize events and much more! 

Exclusive VIP Access
  • DAISIE VIP Discounts   -  Candy Wrap Combo´s only $8.99             (SAVING $72.12)
  • DAISIE VIP Perks          - Monthly Category Sales                           (SAVING $10-$100*)
  • DAISIE VIP Bonuses     - Freebies                                                  (SAVING $200*)
  • DAISIE VIP Coupons    - Two 20% OFF Coupons sent monthly           (SAVING $0.60 - $20+)
  • DAISIE VIP Prizes        - Automatic entry into prize events             (SAVING $3 - $15+)
                                                                                                            (TOTAL SAVINGS  $285.72 to $400.00+*)

Check your "Customer News" tab in your account area after purchase to access your subscription information. 

*The prices are an estimate based on averages

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