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Graphics Combo - Valentine Cuties
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Graphics Combo - Valentine Cuties

Part Number: 1GJA_Valentine-Cuties_ALL
Price: $9.99
Status: Available

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Valentine Characters - Cute Graphics - Valentine Owl, Robot, Dog, Cat, Frog, Lady Bug, Monster, Monkey, and Elephant.  Hand painted digital clipart by Gina Jane.

Downloadable Kit includes twenty digital scrapbook backgrounds of Valentine Papers featuring the cute Valentine Characters, matching stripes and solids, twelve digital clipart borders featuring hearts, word art and Valentine sayings.

Valentine Cute sayings for Monster, Robot, Owl, Kitty Cat, Puppy Dog, Valentine Owl, Frog, Lady Bug, Monkey and Elephant -

- Happy Valentine's from your Little Love Bug!  (Lady Bug Valentine Saying)
- Valentine, you make my heart go beep, beep, BEEP!  (Robot Valentine Saying )
- Valentine, Your'e cute as a bug! ( Lady Bug Valentine Saying )
- I've Got A TRUNK full of Love for you!  ( Elephant Valentine Saying )
- Love You!
- You are TOAD-ALLY Awesome ( Valentine Frog Saying )
- I love you my sweet little LADY!  ( Lady Bug Valentine Saying )
- Owl be your Valentine!  ( Owl Valentine Saying )
- Dont' Monkey Around, Be Mine!  ( Monkey Valentine Saying )
- Valentine, Owl always be yours!  ( Valentine Owl Saying )
- Never forget that I Love You!  ( Like You ) - ( Elephant Valentine Saying )
- Valentine, Dog Gone It, you're the best!   ( Puppy Dog Valentine Saying )
- Go Banana's and Be Mine!  ( Monkey Valentine Saying )
- Sending you TONS of Love  ( Elephant Valentine Saying )
- I "TOAD-ALLY" Love You!  ( Frog / Toad Valentine Saying )
- I only have EYES for you!  ( Monster Valentine Saying )
- Valentine, You're Purr-Fect  ( Kitty Cat Valentine Saying )
- You are always in my heart!
-  EYE Like You!  ( Monster Valentine Saying)
-  You're on my ROBOT Radar!  ( Robot Valentine Saying )
-  You're on my RADAR!  ( Robot Valentine Saying )
- No bones about it, You Are Awesome!  ( Dog Valentine Saying )
- Our Friendship is so Purr-Fect!  ( Kitty Cat Valentine Saying )

All files are 300 dpi, high resolution  PNG graphics - Valentine digital clipart, backgrounds are 12" x 12" and borders are approx. 12" long.  Word art images are all PNG files.
Copyright 2013, Gina Jane, LLC

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