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Easter Bunnies 5x7 Card and Graphics
Printable Farmers Market DIY Home Decor Vintage Signs
Printable St. Patrick's Day Art
Candy Wrap Combo -Spring Daisies
Printables DIY Birthday - Thank You - Blank Greeting Cards
Template Printable DIY Easter Basket VIP
DIY Princess Party Printables
Snowman Faces Clipart
Harvest Pumpkins 2018 by Gina Jane VIP
Harvest Pumpkins 2018 by Gina Jane
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Commercial Use License
Commercial Use Licensing allows limited use of Gina Jane's artwork for making and selling more than 50 handmade items per year.  This license is subject to review of the requested license for each set of Gina Jane's art.

The license will be for specific use as outlined in an agreement sent through email.

Some artwork is already licensed to manufacturers and is not available for commercial use by customers at www.daisiecompany.com

A lot of the artwork is available and all you need to do is email:   support@daisiecompany.com  
and ask about the set of artwork you for which you would like commercial license.

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