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Nursery Tribal Woodland Foxes Flowers
BUNDLE - Nursery Baby Woodland Foxes Clip Art
Nursery Tribal Woodland Flowers
Nursery Tribal Woodland Borders
Nursery Tribal Woodland Arrows
Nursery Tribal Woodland Foxes Clip Art
Nursery Baby Woodland Foxes Clip Art
Easter Bunnies 5x7 Card and Graphics
Printable Farmers Market DIY Home Decor Vintage Signs
Printable St. Patrick's Day Art
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 If this is your first visit to DAISIE Company:

Here's how to    create    an account at DAISIE Company:   

 Do not 'LOG IN" - this will bring up an error message that your account does not exist.

 You will need to start a new account if you have never shopped at DAISIE Company before  - by filling in all the fields during the check-out process,
as though you were shopping at DAISIE Company for the very first time. 

  You can do this by taking freebies through check-out.    

* Be sure to use the code:   FREEBIES  

*When the only products in your shopping cart are FREEBIES, and no products with a sales price, you must
use the coupon code:   FREEBIES     If you don't, your order will decline.  

   Frequently Asked Questions  

Please read the following information on how to register on the new site.   If you need help, please email:   


Thank you for being such wonderful customers through the years!!!

---Gina Jane

 Registering on the site:  

Registration occurs automatically when you place your first order.  You will need to complete all of your account information the first time.
To do this  without making a purchase , simply take some Freebies through check-out.  Be sure to use the coupon code: FREEBIES. 

After you have been through check-out for the first time, you can come back at anytime, go to MY ACCOUNT and log-in.  Your account history for this new website is stored there.

 Old Account Information and Purchase History:  

Your purchases are recorded in data spreadsheets stored on our company computers.  Because of the incompatibility between data bases with our old site ( purchases made before August 2012),  and our new provider, we cannot restore the information to your account history. 

 About downloads ordered from the old site:  

Order fulfillment and our transition to the new site.

Items purchased on the former site from:  June 1st, 2012 through July 31st, 2012 .

If you placed an order during this time frame and were unable to download it, please email us at suppor@daisiecompany.com

Any purchases made during that time frame can be restored to your account history. 
If you have not been able to download a prior order, please email support@daisiecompany.com, you will need to send a copy of the email you received showing your receipt for that purchase.

We are happy to fulfill your orders!


Our new site has several  features and controls in the download area which are very different from our former site.

The reason for these features is to protect our company, and our artists from internet piracy, file sharing, as well as account and password sharing.  Piracy and sharing passwords to accounts has cost the company thousands of dollars in bandwidth charges. 

In order to stay in business, we have implemented higher security.

To download your entire order, you will be required to start and finish one download at a time.  

There is a required wait time between downloads. 

There is a limit in the number of download attempts per product. The limit is five. 

There is a limit to the number of days the downloads are active.   Your account displays these limits.  Typically the amount of time you have to download your order is just under 30 days. 

Here's some tips on resolving the empty  or "corrupt file" errors and  successfully downloading the kit:
Please delete the 'empty folder' download file from your computer.
Log in to your account.
Begin the download process, being sure to only download one kit at a time.

If you have trouble unzipping or there are other errors, please email us.
We can reset the downloads and allow extended attempts to download the order.

* CD Service is also available for your orders if you have a slow speed connection, or would like to have your order shipped on CD's to you. This provides a back-up of your purchases as well.


Freebies are made available as a free gift to our customers and are subject to the same Terms of Use as our products offered for sale.  In order to go through check-out with freebies a coupon code is required.

You must use the code each time you take freebies through check-out.  The code is:   FREEBIES  

 Coupon Codes:  

Mulitple coupon codes can be used during your check-out process. 

Apply the first one, let the page reload,  and then apply the second one,  and so on, the total amount  due will be adjusted on the screen.

Freebies always require the code: FREEBIES

 Terms of  Use:   

We have an extensive Angel Policy which allows some types of products to be made and sold at craft fairs.  Please read the entire policy.

You will be required to check the box:  "I agree to the Terms of Use"  before an order can be completed. By going through check-out, you are agreeing to follow our Terms of Use.  If you do not follow our Terms of Use, you may be prosecuted for copyright infringement.  Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

 Recommended Software for use with PNG & JPG files:  

We recommend Photoshop Elements and Scrapbook Max Software. 

Photoshop Elements is an industry standard software program sold at most office supply stores as well as online stores.  This software has powerful features, making it possible for you to design and create fantastic layouts, scrapbook pages, crafts, invitations and more! 

You can learn how to use Photoshop Elements online -  Professional and easy to understand tutorials that will teach you the basics, and get you started with digital crafting and scrapbook pages!

Here's a link to our favorite Photoshop Elements tutorial site.

Scrapbook Max is sold  online here. 
This link takes you to their free trial download.  We recommend this program for beginners who want to make crafts, tags, cards, and scrapbook pages without spending $100 for software. 

Scrapbook Max is an award winning software program.

DAISIE Company is not affiliated with Scrapbook Max or Photoshop Elements.  We recommend these programs because they have a long track record of industry standard performance and both Photoshop and Scrapbook Max stand behind their products.

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