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Graphics - Halloween Haunts Combo
Graphics - Halloween Haunts Combo Storefront > Backgrounds and Borders > * Shop By Color > Bright Color Scheme

Graphics - Halloween Haunts Combo

Part Number: 1GJA_Halloween-Haunt_1ART
Price: $5.99
Status: Available

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Halloween Graphics clip art images of pumpkins, bats, ghosts, witch's broom, boiling cauldron, witch's feet in the cauldron, I'm melting or having a melt down witch, owl wearing a witch's hat, Halloween cat inside a pumpkin. Halloween signs and labels, and graphics for Trick-or-Treat, Who Wants Candy?  Labels with typography for Halloween Door Signs that say:  "Broom Parking only all others will be Toad",  and "You Say  'Witch'  like it's a bad thing." Halloween stacked pumpkins, Kitty in a pumpkin with ghost and Kitty in a pumpkin with balloons. Candy corn pumpkin face balloons.

This is an instant download that contains four different zip files:


The Halloween Haunts digital background papers are 300 dpi,  12" wide and 14" high, providing more background area at a high resolution for your larger projects like Halloween Decorations, Banners, and Signs.

There are 12 digital backgrounds.

All files are 300 dpi high resolution
Copyright 2001-2017 Gina Jane, LLC

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