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Valentine Dogs Printable Popcorn Kit VIP
Valentine Dogs Printable Popcorn Kit
Valentine Dogs Printables VIP
Valentine Dogs Printables
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Valentine Love is the Key Graphics & Backgrounds
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Cocoa Set - Birdnest- Just For You VIP
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Valentine Dogs Printables
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Valentine Dogs Printables

Part Number: 1GJA_Dog-Faces_Valentine
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Valentine Dogs - cute graphics, candy bar wrappers for Hershey 1-55, Large, Mini, Nugget, Rolo, Snickers, Kit Kat, and matching Tall Sack with Topper, Cocoa, Tea and Grab-n-Go 12oz Cup Wrapper Printable Valentine's Day. Features PNG graphics, PDF printables, and JPG printables for easy editing in your favorite graphics program.
Use heavy  bright white  glossy brochure paper for best results.

Download includes:

-  Tea Packets - Wrapper - 3 Valentine's Printable Tea Packet Day Designs
-  Cocoa, Cider or Instant Coffee Wrapper Envelopes 
-  Dixie Brand - Grab-n-Go Cup Wrappers - 1 Valentine's Day Coffee or Hot Beverage Cup wrappers printable designs
-  Tall Sacks with Topper -  5" wide by 7" high with matching fold over topper.  Staple topper or punch holes through the topper while it is placed on the top of the bag.  Then, thread ribbon or string through the holes to close the bag.
- Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers - Valentine's Day Dog Theme:  Nugget, Rolo, Mini, Hershey Kit Kat, Hershey 1.55oz and Hershey 4.25oz, with Snickers bar too!

Hershey Wrappers come in Open End, Crimped End and Envelope Styles.  Made for your particular preference in candy wrappers!

Make your own DIY Valentine's Day Treat Gift Baskets - featuring coffee, hot chocolate, tea or small gifts.  Make these Valentine's Day Printables - Wrappers Covers for friends, neighbors, romance, teachers, students, coworkers Valentine's Day hand made, home made craft, gift ideas

All files are JPG, PDF formats

and 300 dpi for superior print quality.
Copyright 2018 © Gina Jane, LLC

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